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    Polynomials and Decimals

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    How do you

    8) Simplify ((-8a^-1b^-3)/(2a^3b))^-2

    9) Simplify (3x^4)^2(4x^-5)^-1 divided by 12x^-6

    10) Simplify (5x^2y^4)^2(-3x^-4y^-1)^3

    11) Simplify -24a^3b^5 + 36a^2b^2 - 12ab^2 divided by -4ab

    12) How do you Write these in standard (decimal) notation:

    a) 2.45 X 10^3
    b) 3.342 X 10^-4
    c) 5.3 X 10^6

    Write these in scientific notation:

    d) 344232542124
    e) .0003234
    f) .078

    13) Simplify SR(45x^23)

    14) Simplify 4th root of (x^5 divided by 16y^15)

    15) Simplify (x^1/4 y^1/2)^2(x^2y^3)^1/2

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    how do you

    8) Simplify ((-8a^-1b^-3)/(2a^3b))^-2

    First of all, a negative exponent flips the whole thing upside down, and the exponent can be distributed to both the top and bottom.
    (2a3b)2 = 2a6b2 = 2a6b2*-8a2b6= -16a8b8
    (-8a-1b-3)2 -8a-2b-6


    9) Simplify (3x^4)^2(4x^-5)^-1 divided by 12x^-6

    (3x4)2 (4x-5)-1 = ...

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    This shows how to simplify and work with polynomials and also how to convert decimals to scientific notation.