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    Logic of if-then statement

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    I am learning about Logic in an intermediate math class. I need some help with an if then statement.

    So my sentence is...

    If the Bible is the Word of God personally delivered by God to all of humanity, then...(fill in the blank)

    We have been learning, The if...then statement is a common form of a logical statement. The only time the if...then statement is false is when the 'if' statement is true and the 'then' statement is false. For example, if you can earn an A in this class, then I will give you a million dollars. I don't have a million dollars so the 'then' statement is false. Now if you don't make an A in this class, then my if..then statement is true because the 'if' statement was not satisfied. If you do make an A in this class, then my if..then statement is false because the 'if' statement was satisfied but the 'then' statement was not.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You clearly understand the logic of if-then statements. (Such a statement is also called an implication.)

    If you want your if-then statement to be true, you need to be sure that if the "if" part of it is true then the "then" part of it is also true.

    One possibility: If ...

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    Some possible completions (possible wordings of the "then" part) of the given if-then statement are provided, along with a caveat as to the discernibility of whether they truly follow logically from the "if" part of that statement.