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    Explanation of traditional/Aristotelian Logic

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    Explanation of traditional or Aristotelian Logic and categorical Statements

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    Traditional or Aristotelian Logic: Focused only on CATEGORICAL STATEMENTS because it thought all deduction could be analyzed by such statements.

    CATEGORICAL STATEMENTS: statements about categories of things; collection of things that have some common characteristics. Categorical Statements refer to two classes of things- Subject (S) and predicate (P). there are four standard forms:

    All S is/are P
    Some S is/are P
    No S is/are P
    Some S is/are not P

    QUANTITY: the universal/particular: "All/No" is the universal. Some is the particular

    QUALITY: the affirmative/ negative: All/ some is ...

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    An outline of the categorical statement and an explanation of the square of oppositions.