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Linear programming-maximze advertising budget

As part of a campaign to promote its annual clearance sale, the Excelsior Company decided to buy television advertising time on Station KAOS. Excelsior's advertising budget is $102,000. Morning time costs $3000/minute, afternoon time costs $1000/minute, and everning (prime) time costs $12,000 minute. Becasue of pervious commitments, KAOS cannot offer Excelsior more than 6 min of prime time or more than a total of 25 min of advertising time over the 2 weeks in which the commercials are to be run. KAOS estimates that morning commericials are seen by 200,000 people, afternoon commericals are seen by 100,000 people and everning commericals are seen by 600,000 people. How much morning, afternoon, and everning advertising time should Excelsior buy to maximize exposure of its commericals.