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    Give an example of groups H_i, K_j such that H_1xH_2 is isomorphic to K_1xK_2 and no H_i is isomorphic to any K_j.

    Let G be the additive group Q of rational numbers. Show that G is not the internal direct product of any two of its proper subgroups.

    If G is the internal direct product of subgroups G_1 and G_2 show that G/G_1 is isomorphic to G_2 and G/G_2 is isomorphic to G_1.

    I need detailed rigorous proof please. I have to study for a test.

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    Problem #1
    We consider , , , , then we have
    , but is not isomorphic to any .
    Problem #2
    Suppose is the internal direct product of two subgroups and . Then we have and . Now we consider and it can be expressed as . Since both ...

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    This provides examples of working with groups: isomorphic, direct products, and subgroups.