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    Graphing and finding slopes, intercepts

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    24. Find the slope and y-intercept for each line



    32. Sketch the graph of each equation.(if you cannot make a graph in a word doc, can you just tell me how the graph should look and I can draw it and scan it in and post it for the assignment? Thank you! )

    34. x=9

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    24. Find the slope and y-intercept for each line
    Y= -x+5
    28. 3x+5y+10=0
    To find the slope and intercept, you rearrange the equation so that it is in the form:

    When the equation is in this form, is the slope of the line and is the y-intercept.
    The first equation is already in the correct form:

    We see that the slope is and the ...

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    This provides examples of finding slope, y-intercept, and graph of equations of lines.