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slope, intercept, equality, system of equations problems

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1. Find the values of x and y that solve the following system of equation

-5x - 7y = 12
9x - 5y = -4

2. The sum of two numbers is 48. One number is 3 times as large as the other. What are the numbers?

3. Find an equation of the line that is parallel to the line y = 2x - 5 and that passes through the point (8,2)

4. 14x + 3y = -13
y= -11x + 27
does this equation belong to
(3,-6) or (-4,-9) or (2,5)

5. Filipe spent $24 on fruit at the grocery store. He spent a total of $40 at the store. What percentage of the total did he spend on fruit?

6. Evaluate the expression

9 + -24 - 1

7. The surface area S of a right prism is given by
S = 2B + Ph
Where B is the area of the base, P is the perimeter of the base, h is the height of the prism. Solve for h

8. The perimeter of a rectangular field is 338 yards, if the width of the field is 78 yards, what is its length in yards?

9. graph each line

y = -x + 2

x -2y = -2

9. graph the line with slope -1 passing through the point (2,-4)

10. Find the slope of the line (8,6)and (4,-3)

11. Find the x intercept and y intercept of the line given by the equation

7x + 2y = 12

12. Write an equation of the line with points at (0,0) and (3,6)

13. a line passes through the point (4,5) and has a slope of 3. Write an equation for the line.

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Solution Summary

This is a multi-question problem that involves a) graphing a straight line given two points, b) graphing two straight lines to find the solution, c) finding the x- and y-intercepts given the equation, d) writing the equation of a linear given the slope and a point, e) solving problems that have two variables, f) finding the equation of a line given two points.

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