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    A square CDEF such that point C is on the bottom right corner, point D is on the top right corner, E is on the top left corner, and F is on the bottom left corner. A line is then drawn from point E to a new point B on the line segment FC, where point B is about 1/3 distance between F and C and closer to point F than point C. Another line is drawn from point B to a new point A on line segment CD, where point A is about 1/4 distance between C and D and closer to point C than point D. A line is drawn from point A to point E. Finally, c = BA and c = AD, x = EF, y = ED, z = FB, a = BC, b = AC.

    1. Show that Triangle ADE is congruent to Triangle ABE using Side Angle Side. Which sides and which angles are equal?

    2. Show that Triangle BEF is similar to Triangle ABC using Angle Angle Angle.

    Thanks a lot.

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