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    Geometry - Circle Construction and Congruency

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    Circle constuction and Congruency

    I am to draw any thee non collinear points. I am to construct a circle containing them on its circumference. I have drawn all of this. I have given each point a name A,B, C,D,E,F,G I am writing a paper and need to give an explanation as to why this is true or i need Proof that AD is congruent with DB and DB is congruent with DC. I am to use the triangle congruent of sss, sas, aas, asa, hl. I am to use the perpenicular bisector by defenitions, and reflexsive property and th CPCTC and double substitution and transit propeties.AGD IS CONGRUENT TO CGD and AD IS CONGRUENT TO CD AND CD IS CONGRUENT TO DB AND AD IS CONGRUENT TO DB. I AM TO EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS ON PAPER.

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    Several triangle congruencies are proved on the basis of properties of perpendicular bisectors.