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Fractions and Geometry to Justify Answers

1. Find the best buy on pasta sauce (1 qt is 32 oz). Justify your answer.
1 qt for $1.29
45 oz for $1.59
48 oz for $1.79
1 qt 16 oz for $1.99

2. A restaurant has 8 tables and 17 booths. Write the ratio of booths to tables as a fraction.

3. A computer transmits 25 Web pages in 2 seconds (s) to a Web server. A second computer transmits 75 pages in 4 s to the server. Are these two computers transmitting at the same speed?

4. A basketball player scored a total of 85 points in the first five games of the season. If he continues at the same pace, how many points should he score in the 20-game season?

5. Use a proportion to find the unknown side, labeled x, in the following pair of similar figures.

6. Rewrite the statement, using percent notation.
Out of every 100 eligible people, 59 voted in a recent election.

7. A) Write 56% as a fraction or a mixed number. Simplify.

B) Write 930% as a fraction or a mixed number. Simplify.

8. A) Write 0.06 as a percent.

B) Write as a percent.

9. A manufacturer determines that 4 out of every 35 products will be returned due to defects. What percent of the products will be returned?

10. An electrician marks up copper wire 25% over cost. When wiring a new home, the electrician spent $290 on copper wire. How much will he charge the homebuilder for the wire?

11. 12% of 200 is what number?

12. 307.5 is 41% of what number?

13. A new car depreciates an average of 22% in its first year of use. If the car was worth $16,000 when it was new, what will the car be worth after 1 year?

14. If $7,800 is deposited into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually (at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years?

15. A) Write as a decimal.

B) Write 819% as a decimal.

16. On a test, Abbey had 75% of the problems right. If she had 48 problems correct, how many problems were on the test?

17. Complete the following statement. Show conversion factor.

16 gal = ________ qt

18. Add and simplify.

19. A) Complete the statement. Show conversion factor.

980 cm = ________ m

B) Complete the statement. Show conversion factor.

9,000 L = ________ kL

20. Subtract and Simplify.

21. A) Identify the angle as acute, right, obtuse, or straight.

B) Label the triangle as acute, obtuse, or right.

22. mB  38

Find the supplement of B.
23 Find the missing angle.

24. Find the missing length of the right triangle. Use Pythagorean Theorem.

25. Find the length of the diagonal of the rectangle. Use Pythagorean Theorem.

9 cm

12 cm


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