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    Ratio and Proportion : Problems and Real-Life Applications

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    20. A Boeing 747 jet is approximately 230 ft long and has a wingspan of 195 ft. If a scale model of the plane is about
    40 cm long, what is the model's wingspan?

    28. The amount of gold jewelry and other products is measured in karats (K), where 24K represents pure gold. The mark 14K
    on a chain indicates that the ratio between the mass of the gold in the chain and the mass of the chain is 14:24 . If a gold ring is marked 18K and it weighs 0.4 oz, what is the value of the gold in the ring if pure gold is valued at $300 per oz?

    37. Write a paragraph in which you use the terms ratio and proportion correctly.

    38. List three real-world situations that involve ratio and proportion.

    28. The effect of depreciation can be computed using a formula similar to the formula for compound interest.
    a. Assume depreciation is the same each month. Write a problem involving depreciation and solve it.
    b. Develop a general formula for depreciation defining what each variable in the formula stands for.

    29. Find four large cities around the world and an approximate percentage rate of population growth for the countries in
    which the cities are located. Estimate the population in each of the four cities in 25 yr.

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