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    LPP - determinin objective function and inequalities

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    Formulate but do not solve the following linear programming problem.

    A travel company decides to advertise in the Saturday travel sections of two major newspapers in town. The advertisements are directed at three groups of potential customers. Each advertisement in newspaper A is seen by 60,000 group I customers, 35,000 group II customers, and 22,000 group III customers. Each advertisement in newspaper B is seen by 9,700 group I, 19,500 group II, and 38,000 group III. Each advertisement in newspaper A costs $900.00, and each advertisement in newspaper B costs $700.00. The travel company would like their advertisement to be seen by at least 1,750,000 people from group I, at least 1,250,000 people from group II, and at least 900,000 people from group III. How many advertisements should the travel company place in each newspaper to achieve its advertising goals at a minimum cost? Let x be the number of advertisements in newspaper A and y be the number of advertisements in group

    a) Determine the objective function

    b) Determine the system of inequalities required to consider minimizing the objective function.

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    Objective function:
    Minimize total cost (in $), C = 900.00x + 700.00y [because, costs ...

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    Formulation of linear equations for given conditions and constraints.