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    Quantitative Methods - Linear Programming (Maximization)

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    For the linear program
    Max 4A + 1B
    10A + 2B <= 30
    3A + 2B <= 12
    2A + 2B <= 10
    A, B >= 0
    a. Write this problem in standard form.
    b. Solve the problem using the graphical solution procedure.
    c. What are the values of the three slack variables at optimal solution?

    Please provide detailed instructions of how to complete problem, so that I can do the other problems for my assignment.

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    (a) Standard form:
    Maximize z = 4x1 + x2
    Subject to:
    10x + 2y  30
    3x + 2y  12
    2x + 2y  10
    x,y ≥ 0

    (b) Graphical solution:
    We consider each constraint as equality and graph the ...

    Solution Summary

    The solution file contains the Standard form of the LPP, The Graphical solution, Graph of the feasible region and values of the Slack variables. (Software used - POM-QM for Windows)