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Quadratic equation and equilibrium concentration

The Quadratic Equation.

Consider the reaction N2O4(g) = 2 NO2(g) at 25 C in a 5.00-L container. Use the quadratic equation to determine the equilibrium concentrations of the N2O4 and NO2 if the initial amounts are 0.100 mol N2O4 and 0.00 mol NO2. The value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction is 4.63 x 10-3 at 25 C.

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Determine initial concentrations:

[N2O4] = 0.1mol/5L = 0.02M
[NO2] = 0.00M

Set up equilibrium table:

N2O4(g) = 2 NO2(g)

I ...

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This solution uses an equilibrium table and initial concentrations, along with a simplified equation for equilibrium constants, to solve this problem.