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    Calculating equilibrium concentration of NH3

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    - We have an 8.67 M solution of ammonium bromide in water ---- so NH4Br + H2O

    - I need to work through and quantify the dissociation reaction to ammonia NH3

    I can see that we have NH4Br + H2O = NH4OH + HBr

    Then....is the next dissociation NH4 + OH-

    Or do we get NH4OH = NH3 + H2O

    Bottom line is that I need to be able to predict the precise molar concentration of NH3 in this solution.

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    Ok, so the first step is the dissociation of NH4Br

    NH4+Br- + H2O -----> NH4+ (aq) + Br- (aq)
    8.67M 8.67M 8.67M

    Now NH4+ will dissociate in water

    NH4+ + H2O <-------> ...

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    The equilibrium concentration of NH3 is calculated knowing the initial concentration of NH4Br.