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2.2-36 Solve

2.3-86 Solve

2.4-30 Solve for x.

2.4-84 Finding the list price. Find the list price if there is a 12% discount and the sale price is $4400.

2.5-20 Write an algebraic expression for two numbers that differ by 9.

2.6-28 Ride the Peaks. Penny's bicycle trip from Colorado Springs to Pikes Peak took 1.5 hours longer than the return trip to Colorado Springs. If she averaged 6 mph on the way to Pikes Peak and 15 mph for the return trip, then how long did the ride from Colorado Springs to Pikes Peak take?

2.7-14 Toyota Corolla. Gwen bought a new Toyota Corolla. The selling price plus the 8% state sales tax was $15,714. What was the selling price?

2.7-40 Diluting wine. A restaurant manager has 2 liters of white wine that is 12% alcohol. How many liters of white grape juice should he add to get a drink that is 10% alcohol?

2.8-30 State the solution set in interval notation and sketch the graph.

2.9-64 Solve. State the solution set in interval notation and sketch the graph.

2.9-66 Fencing a garden. Elka is planning a rectangular garden that is to be twice as long as it is wide. If she can afford to buy at most 180 feet of fencing, then what are the possible values for the width?


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The sale price is the list price minus 12 of the list price:

So the list price will be:


The time for the first trip is and the second trip . Now ...

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Finding the list price is achieved.