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Second Order Linear Differential Equations

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1). Given the differential equation for
1. L[y]= y''+2by'+b2y = exp(-bx)/x2, x>0 ;
a) Find the complementary solution of (1) by solving L[y] = 0.
b) Solve (1) by introducing the transformation y[x]= exp(-bx) v(x).

into (1) and obtaining and solving completely a differential equation for v(x) . Now identify the particular solution of (1).

2). Using the Method of Undetermined coefficients find a particular solution of y''+y = x2 + sin(x)

3). Determine the functional dependence in x of the particular solutions of the following differential equations. Do Not solve for the constants.

a) y''-5y'+6y = exp(x)cos(2x)+exp(2x)*(3x+4)*sin(x)
b) y''+2y'+2y = 5exp(-x)*x2*cos(x) + 4exp(-x)*sin(3x)
c) y''+4y = 3cos(x) + x sin(2x)

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Please find the general solution of the nonhomogenous second order linear differential equation below by following these steps:

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d²y/dx² + y = cosx

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