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equtions typed using WORD equation editor

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1. Access Microsoft Word.
2. To start the Equation Editor, use the menu choice Insert / Object; under the Create New tab, select Microsoft Equation 3.0.
? If you have Word's Equation Editor loaded, you will get a toolbar that has the graphics templates needed to create an equation.
? If you do not have Word's Equation Editor loaded, you will be prompted to insert your MS Office CD ROM to install the program. When you install Microsoft Office, choose custom install. There should be a series of pull-down menus. Pull down the menu beside "tools." In this menu, you should find Equation Editor 3.0. Choose the option to run from your computer. This should install the Equation Editor along with Microsoft Office.
3. Using the Equation Editor, reproduce the following equations:

4. Using symbols within the Symbol menu (under Insert), reproduce the following inequalities:

5. To create exponents and subscripts, you can use the Font menu under Format. (Select Superscript or Subscript.) Using those options, reproduce the following expressions:

6. Since you will find yourself using the Equation Editor frequently, you may want to add it to your toolbar. Putting the icon on your toolbar is for your convenience, however, and is not necessary for completion of this assignment. The steps are as follows:
a. Move your mouse to the toolbar area of your document.
b. Click the right mouse button.
c. Select the last option, Customize.
d. Under the Commands tab, select Insert.
e. Scroll down through the commands until you find Equation Editor.
f. Click and drag the Equation Editor icon to your toolbar. When you let up on the mouse button, the icon will be placed on the toolbar.
g. Save the toolbar by clicking Close.
h. In a similar way, you can also put the Symbol menu icon and icons for superscript and subscript on your toolbar. For the Symbol menu icon, select Customize, Commands, Insert, Symbol. For the superscript and subscript icons, select Customize, Commands, Format, Superscript / Subscript.


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