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    Cognitive dissonance, Facial expressions, Emotions

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    Explain the theory below.

    Facial feedback hypothesis by Laird (1974) -

    Describe how this theory would AND would not be applicable if applied to one workplace situations.

    In the instance in which the selected theory of motivation was not applicable to your workplace experience, assess the need to develop and create new theoretical models of motivation in today's changing work environment.

    What are the ramifications of failing to meet this challenge? Among the issues that may be considered are effects on personal satisfaction and productivity.

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    FFH refers to the concept of looking at the facial expressions and judging people's feelings and emotions based on how they seem. The hypothesis says that there is link between human emotions and facial expressions.
    Theory's argument is that facial expressions are an index of emotions.

    The contention against this hypothesis is this that it is not always ...

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    Facial expressions and judging people's feelings and emotions , Cognitive dissonance