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    Function of Emotions as Motive and Basic Emotions

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    Could you please help me with an assignment by commenting on the following:

    Discuss analyzing the function of emotions as motive.

    Analyze facial expressions methods used for uncovering basic emotions.

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    The emotions of an individual play a significant role in the motivation of the person. Emotions as integrated within the attitude, thinking and the motives that are held by people. The diverse emotions that are elicited by an individual are dependent on the satisfaction of the individual motives. This is based on the fact that each emotion is posited to fulfill a particular motive held by an individual. The hypothetical state that is utilized in the activation of the behavior will hence be propelled by the emotions that are held by a ...

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    This solution discusses the interconnection of emotions and motives and outlines how facial expressions are used as non-verbal signals of an emotional state. Additionally, this solution includes three reference sources for further research on the topic of emotions in psychology.