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Emotion Diary Example

Complete this diary over a period of 3 days. During waking hours, write down the various emotions that you experience at preset times during the day. You must write down your emotions at least 7 times each day, and you may select when those times will be. If you want, you may use Izard's Differential Emotions Scale (which is: anger, contempt, disgust, distress, fear, guilt, interest, joy, shame, and surprise) or any other emotion scale you choose to define your emotions. After the end of the three days, compute the frequency of each emotion experienced across the total reporting period. (For example, anger=1, joy=2, sad=1, anxious=3, etc.) After completing your Diary of Emotions, which physiological (internal and expressive body changes) and cognitive (specific thoughts occurring during an emotion) components of emotions did you recognize in your own experience? Explain your answer.

Emotions recorded were (see attached)

How do I explain the emotions using the physiological and cognitive components with these experiences? I am clueless.


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Detailed three paragraph discussion of the nature of emotions: physiological, cognitive and experiential components. Particular reference to the Izard Differential Emotions Scale and how to use a diary to record and observe emotional experience.