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Suggestions to reduce stress in your life

Keep a diary of your emotions and stress level for two days. For your diary, write entries in the morning when you first awaken, mid-morning (9-11am), lunchtime, mid-afternoon (2-4pm), and again before you go to sleep. Note your emotional state (including "content" if you feel no particular emotion) and stress level (low, medium, high). Write a short explanation of what happened to create that emotion or stress level.
Explain how your emotions, stress level, and experiences are related. If you did not experience any stress at all, explain how you prevent or avoid stressors in your life.

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Stress Management


There are activities that seem to help reduce stress such as exercise (going to the gym, yoga, team sports), meditation (or religious activities- being part of a worship team/choir), music (playing an instrument or listening to music), a night our with friends (ie. social activities)

Thought processes:

There ...

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Stress Management strategies that are discussed are changing thought processes and being active.