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Area as a Model of Binomial Multiplication

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Week Two Learning Team Activity

All the information needed for the report is referenced in the attachment.

Write a report in your own words that describes the activity and your results. Use APA format.

Any help will be greatly acknowledge as to I am not good at diagraming.

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Week Two Learning Team Activity

Area as a Model of Binomial Multiplication

Drawings and diagrams are often used to illustrate mathematical ideas. In this activity we use areas of rectangles to illustrate multiplication of binomials.

Example. The product 1513 is the area of a 15 by 13 rectangle. Rewrite the product as (10+5)(10+3) and make the following drawing.

10 3

10 100 30

5 50 15

Note that the areas of the four regions are the four parts of FOIL.


1. Make a drawing to illustrate the product 1213 as the product of two binomials (10+2)(10+3). Have each square of your graph represent one unit. Find the total of the areas of the four regions that correspond to FOIL, then compare with finding 1213 the 'usual' way. Check your ...

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