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    Algebra : Puzzle Problems

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    1) Have you ever seen the written form of the Sanskrit language? If so, you probably are amazed at how different this ancient language from India looks from ours. Some English words, however, are based on Sanskrit. For example, cup comes from the Sanskrit work kupo, which means water well. This puzzle requires several water wells.

    Suppose you need to measure exactly 1 cup of water. All that you have in your kitchen are two containers. The smaller container holds 3 cups and the larger holds 5 cups. How can you use these two containers to measure exactly 1 cup of water?

    2) While flying over farmland, a pilot notices the rectangular shape of the fields below. She sketches the lines that divide the fields.
    When she returns to the airport, she wonders how many different rectangles can be formed by the lines drawn?
    HINT: Don't forget that a square is also a rectangle.

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    1.Fill the 5 cups container ......
    then pour from this until 3 cup container is full....
    2 cups of water left in 5 cups container....

    Now empty 3 cup and ...

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