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Apply Newton's Laws of Motion - Traction Force and Wheel Reactions

A car has a mass of 1.4 tonne. The distance between the front and rear wheel axles is 3.6 metres and the centre of mass is positioned 1.5 metres behind the front wheel centre and 0.8 metres above the road level. These details are shown in Figure Q1 below.

Figure Q 1. Car on horizontal road

The car, initially travelling at 12.6 km/h, is accelerated up a straight road inclined at 12° to the horizontal so that it covers a distance of 1.2 km in a time of 40 seconds.
Determine the following:
(a) the traction force;

(b) the wheel reactions.


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We firstly use the information about time (t), distance (s) and initial velocity (u) to determine the acceleration (a). The relevant equations are often called "suvat" and the one we require is
s = ut ...

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