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Rotational motion

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Problem 1
A wheel of radius 0.20 meters is mounted on a frictionless horizontal axis. The rotational inertia of the wheel about the axis is 0.050 kgm^2. A massless cord wrapped around the wheel is attached to a 2.0 kg block that slides on a horizontal frictionless surface. If a horizontal force of magnitude P=3.0 N is applied to the block as shown in the problem 1 attachment, what is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the wheel? Assume the string does not slip on the wheel.

Problem 2
A 32.0 kg wheel, essentially, a thin hoop with radius 1.20 meters, is rotating a 280rev/min. It must be brought to a stop in 15.0 sec. How much work must be done to stop it? And what is the required average power?

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The solution shows two approaches to the solve the problem and shows that the end result is the same.

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Hello and thank you for submitting your problem to BrainMass.
Please see the attached file.
<br>I solved problem 1 using two methods.
<br>The first method uses conservation of energy while the second method uses Newton's second law. Needless to say, the result is identical using both methods.
<br>Before you look at the solution let ...

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