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The Legal Research Methodology of Cartwheeling

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If am having trouble with this question since this is a new technique I am learning.

The "cartwheel" is a technique designed to assist paralegals in acquiring the skill of using
indexes and tables of contents in law books. The "cartwheel" is a method of developing the habit
of phrasing every word involved in the client's research problem at least fifteen different ways.
For example, if you were to research the issue of the validity of a client's marriage which took
place in Barbados, you would "cartwheel" the term marriage and begin your research using terms
such as wedding, annulment, divorce, separation, celebration, ceremony, formality, wedlock,
contract, religion, betrothal, minister, name change, jurisdiction, and prenuptial. Please
"cartwheel" each of the following problems and provide at least ten other terms that you would
use in beginning a research project involving each of the following hypotheticals.
A. Your office's client, Ms. Ivana Goe, has recently been arrested for trespass. It seems that
Ivana was attending an NFL football game, and during halftime she used the "Men's Restroom"
at the stadium because the line to the women's restroom was, in her words, "atrociously long."
She was charged with trespass under a municipal ordinance. Please cartwheel this problem.
B. Your office's client, Ima Klutz, recently slipped and fell in the back of a local grocery
store. She requested to view, and possibly purchase, "day old bakery" and was informed by store
personnel that the "day old bakery" was on bins "in the back of the store". Ima proceeded to the
back of the store and through the doors marked "Employees Only" in search of the "day old
bakery". She then slipped and fell in that part of the store. Please cartwheel this problem.

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A) In providing guidance for the cartwheeling of this hypothetical problem, it appears that the key phrase that should be researched in this situation would be trespass. This is due to the fact that the key issue in this hypothetical case would be if the client who was female, entered a men's bathroom, would this constitute trespass under ...

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