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Thesis and annotated bibliography

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Ideas for a thesis on this subject and an annotated bibliography are generated.

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How to write a thesis statement and annotated bibliography with links for extra support.

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There are some things you should know about writing a thesis statement before you start your paper on social welfare policy. First and foremost, a thesis statement is a short (not more than 2-4 sentences long) outlining the ideas that are going to be presented in your paper. It should not contain any details but should provide a stable opening to your paper explaining what the paper will focus on. (For example - if you are writing a paper about social welfare policy and how it is ineffective, you want to include in your thesis statement that you will examine different reasons that social welfare policies don't work). Your thesis statement is written also to answer a question that you have - why social welfare policies don't work; or why they need to be reformed; or why they do work and what's so great about them.

A strong thesis statement takes a strong position on the topic of the paper ...

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