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    Stem Cell and Scientific Development

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    I need some help with the following question:
    What popular modern-day movements do you see that could hinder the development of scientific understanding today?
    Thank you

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    Pro-life Movements and Stem Cell Research - A Hindrance to Scientific Development

    Abortion has always been an opposing issue in American politics; one that has been heard many times by the Supreme Court. The Court in Roe v. Wade, a landmark case, stated that a woman has the right to have an abortion because her decision is a matter of privacy. However, it placed restrictions and allowed states to restrict abortion in the second semester and allowed them to completely regulate or ban late term abortions. This case opened up numerous questions. What rights if any, does an unborn fetus have? At what point in the pregnancy can fetal rights be assumed? Which is more important, the health of the mother or the fetus' right to live? Is stem cell research akin to experimenting on human beings?

    Pro-life movements believe life begins at conception and compare stem cell research using human embryos as murder - the same view they have on abortion. The morality of the issue is an ongoing debate with proponents arguing that if an embryo already exists then it justifies the moral issue of using it for research since it will never ...

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    The solution discusses a popular modern-day movement that could hinder the development of scientific understanding today. Specifically, it looks at stem cell reaserch and pro-life movements. References are provided using APA format.