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Origins of South African Apartheid Policy

Discuss South Africa's apartheid policy of 1948. How was it initiated? Provide historical information of the time from the passing of this policy until gaining independence in 1979.

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The Apartheid Policy of 1948

South Africa, the most prosperous country in the African continent sits on it's southern tip and unique in that its coastline sits on the Atlantic and the Indian oceans. Today modern and prosperous, after the days of the colonial independent, the diversity that it enjoys in relation to racial equality wasn't so. The White settlers in the former colony is of Dutch and British stock and they held control, both political and economic of the country during and after colonial independence (the country became a 'Union' in 1910, an autonomous/independent British Dominion under the Commonwealth in 1931). The notion of 'apartness' or social stratification had always been in place since Europeans took the land for themselves and came in control. South Africa had ...

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