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The historical explanation of the formation of Apartheid is discussed in brief, with attending resources.

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Racism in South Africa has a long and contentious history, particularly in the policies of Apartheid. Its roots extend far beyond its borders, and deserve further explanation for the purpose of seeing both historical continuity and future aversion to the practice. However, those roots can easily be misunderstood without proper context. Hence, this solution exists to accurately explain racism's existence and perpetuity.

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How Apartheid began is somewhat of an in-depth question. Suffice it to say: apartheid (Afrikaans for "apartness") is less an act of newly established racism, but a logical extension of unchecked racism and colonialism from the Old World. Since that time of colonialism, those of "black" skin were seen as simply cheap labor, and most of the land as a "dumping ground" for surplus goods produced by the Dutch and British colonizers. This ...

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Apartheid must be understood in proper historical context so as to discuss it appropriately as regards historical exploration of its policies, South Africa, and racism in general.