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    Humanities, Nature & the Individual in the Middle Ages

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    ?I need to write a 1,050 -1400 word paper that explores the ways in which the humanities reflect changing concepts of nature and the individual in different historical periods - the Early, High, and Late Middle Ages.

    ?The paper needs to include a brief summary for each period of the important developments in the humanities that characterized the period.

    ?The paper needs to include examples or specific works to illustrate your view of the changes that have occurred, and present an explanation of how and why the concepts evolved in the way they did.

    ?The paper needs to make connections to at least three other eras discussed during the course (Greece, Rome, Early Civilizations) and discuss the changes that are evident.

    ?The paper needs to include a minimum of five sources.

    ?The paper needs to be formatted according to APA standards.

    I need assistance in developing the subject, examples, comparisons, and overall content of this paper.

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    The solution is a guide and a sample to help students put together a paper discusses the manner by which Humanities reflect the changing concepts of nature and the person through the early, high and late Middle Ages. The solution comes in 2 attached word files.