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Humanities Today questions

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Please help me with these 2 questions: Course is Humanities

1. How are art and culture a reflection of our changing views of nature, society and the individual? Provide TWO examples.

2.There is a saying: 'Man is the measure of all things.' Think about this and how it's prevalent in ideas and thoughts of the Renaissance. So, the discussion question is.... How is this 'humanism' reflected in Renaissance thought and art?

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Please allow some of my ideas to help:

1. First of all, as you examine how art and culture are a reflection of our changing views of nature, society and the individual, you might cite how art seems to comment on life in many facets: socially, politically, economically, morally, etc. Society is mirrored through art, I feel. What do you think?

As you then provide TWO examples, I offer an odd piece called "Fox Games." It is a piece of what some call installation art. It is created by Sandy Skoglund. Its image is found at http://www.mediaworkshop.org/hses/bakhari/foxgames.jpg

You might interpret that the cunning foxes seem to ...

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