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What is the next BRIC country?

Select one country that you feel is an up and coming emerging market (one that would be expected to join the BRICs in the next 1 - 3 years) and justify your choice. This does not have to be an extensive analysis. It is just a preliminary assessment of what you consider important in the determination of an emerging market.

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Emerging markets refers to countries that are currently less developed but are beginning to experience rapid growth economically. Investors are always on the look out for emerging markets so that they can increase the prospects of high income as those countries continue to grow. In addition, businesses want to be the first ones to enter a growing market so that they can start influencing the market structure of the new country. South Africa is considered to be the next BRIC country due to the following reasons.

Growing population:
After the fall of apartheid, South Africa's population has been increasing rapidly. Growing population means that there would be more people to ...

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