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    Modern Technology and Social Change

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    I have to write a five to six page paper on: "in my opinion" is the single modern technology that has resulted in the greatest social change. I have to describe both the technology and the social change in detail. Then I have to make sure i show the causal connections between the technology and the change are explained in a clear and convincing manner.

    Not sure how to get five to sex pages on an opinion? Please help!

    Please site sources if used.

    Thank you for your help

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    The internet has dramatically changed the social dichotomy of society around the world and I will provide you with a blueprint to how you can obtain 5-6 pages for your assignment. I have conducted the necessary research for you and will provide you with two academic peer reviewed research papers that will greatly assist you in your assignment as well as how you should incorporate these papers. I also have researched two articles from the World Wide Web, which in collusion with the internet has transformed the world because without the internet no (www.) median would exist. It is imperative that you first understand the impact that the internet has had on society throughout the world as well as the social changes emanating from the most transformative social change in human history in my opinion.
    As the student you must give a historical chronology of the technology and how it has impacted society throughout its inception, during its heyday, and currently. The Internet a global system of interconnected computer networks uses the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks consisting of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web (WWW) and the infrastructure to support email. All previous means of communication and technology including telephones, television, film, and music have been redefined and reshaped by the internet transforming society forever (Living Internet, 2012).
    To understand the internet YOU the student must first grasp the concept of the internet which is explained by analyzing the (TCP/IP) protocol that serves billions of users worldwide. The Internet's open and efficient TCP/IP protocol is the ...

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    Discusses how modern technology has impacted social change.