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Prehistory and the Ancient Civilizations

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Explain the significance of the transition of humankind from a hunter-gatherer society to a food-producing society. Include the following:

â?¢A description of the Paleolithic era
â?¢Events that transformed society from the Paleolithic era to the Neolithic era
â?¢A description of Neolithic era
â?¢An explanation of how the transition from Paleolithic to Neolithic was significant in the development of Mesopotamia and Egypt

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The Paleolithic era is a very important era in human history, largely due to the fact that this was the era in which human beings began to make great technological advances in the utilization of their resources for the development of stone weapons and tools. This was a very important milestone for these early humans, because using stone to make weapons and tools provided them with much stronger weapons that could be utilized for hunting large animals, as well as defending themselves against predators and other tribes. Wooden weapons would not suffice against many of the larger prey that could provide these early humans with a tremendously large amount of meat from one killing, unless there was a tremendous number of individuals involved in the hunt, and/or there were traps and other methods utilized to help bring down the beast.

With the advent of stone weapons, and especially stone-tipped spears, these individuals could more easily penetrate the hides of larger prey animals, and would not require as many individuals to participate in the hunting. In addition, stone tools allowed these individuals to more easily seek other stones within smaller tools that could be utilized, as well as to chop and gather wood for fires, and build shelters. The stone tools and weapons also helped these individuals to more easily defend themselves against incursions by other tribes, due to the fact that they could utilize stone weapons as hacking weapons, or as throwing weapons in many cases. These throwing weapons could also be utilized to stun or kill smaller game at a distance due to the increased inertia, ...

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