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Human Emotion and Progress in the Middle Ages

I need help with the following Historical Research Project - Proposal: Scope: about 600-700 words.
I am to select a contemporary issue in which I believe historical knowledge might contribute to a solution.
I have selected the following issue:
Human emotion and progress
2. Write a paragraph describing the
a) Issue
b) Expected impact

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Proposed Solution

There are various possible issues that we can point out today wherein history would definitely serve a lesson. For example, the Vietnam War experience of the American people would definitely allow for some insights in the current American-led war on terror. But since you are limited by your subject matter within the Ancient & Medieval Period and by your topic of inquiry: Human Emotion & Progress we shall locate a situation in the past that we can put vis-à-vis the current problems & challenges face by the American people as a nation as well as those decisions that were taken upon in their behalf by their current government.

The Issue, the Historical Lesson & Impact

Since 2003, the war on Terror in Iraq & Afghanistan has cost the American people upwards to a few trillion dollars. The 2008 budget alone is set by the government at $711 billion, almost half of what the entire world spends on their annual military budget. The Katrina-devastated south still await fresh news on development & implementation of projects from 2007 with the budget steadily being cut, the military expenditures of the American nation is on the rise. While much of the American people rallied behind the emotion of Patriotic Pride after ...

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The solution discusses the influence & role of human 'emotions' in human history as far back as antiquity. It also provides contemporary events to relate the effect of human emotion on civilizations to complete the past-present discussion. The goal of the solution is to present historical knowledge as a possible source of solutions to present-day conflicts.