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China under Tang Dynasty

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This solution explains about the developmental activities of Tang dynasty under the king Taizong. Students would get a glimpse of the achievements of Li Shimin and successes of Tang dynasty in general

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This solution provides a picture of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) which had achieved great progress in various fields.. Li Shimin, otherwise known as Taizong, the greatest ruler of the Tang dynasty brought about peace and prosperity to China

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The period of Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) was considered as the golden age of China. Chinese people were still known as Tang people due to the extraordinary progress achieved during the time of Tang dynasty..

The importance of Tang dynasty lies in its efforts to reunify China and economic prosperity. The intelligent Chinese rulers like Li Shimin or Taizong united the country by introducing reforms in political, social, commercial, and cultural fields. The reign of Emperor Taizon was known as the "Prosperity of Zhenguan."
The political instability was dealt by a series of military operations. The regional independence struggles came to an end and the whole Mongolian plateau was subdued. The administration ...

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