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    Working with Evidence: The Leisure Life of China’s Elites

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    Using the primary sources in "Working with Evidence: The Leisure Life of China's Elites (pp. 356-361, attached), analyze the different ways that women are depicted in these images. Remember that all the artists are men; how might this affect the ways that women are represented? Considering the changes Chinese women underwent during this period (see pp. 211-13 and 331-32), can these images be used to illustrate those changes? If so, how?

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    The ability for (you) to understand the period in which these works were created requires an understanding of how life changed during this period of history in China. During this period, patterns that would come to dominate Chinese life for almost 1000 years emerged, and this was considered the so-called golden age of the country in regard to arts and literature as well as for landscape painting and great works of poetry. Although this was true for some issues, women were subjected to a regression of their roles wherein they had gained some semblance of stature in society under the Tang dynasty. This was lost during the Song dynasty, and this is what is represented in many of the paintings such as those in the assignment that (you) posted.

    Paintings such as the Leisure Life of Chinese Elites gave insight into the Neo-Confucianism that was revived during this time wherein the principles and lifestyles ...

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    The Solution uses images from Chinese history to analyse how women were depicted at the time of the paintings and the changes occurring through time.