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    Ming Dynasty Highlights

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    I have few questions below, some have the cause and some have the effect, please answer the blank ones only either for the blank cause or the blank Effect. and the last question is by itself.

    Cause: Ming emperors disallowed foreign trade.

    Effect: Chinese citizens who made goods for trade lost income.

    Cause: Ming emperors desire to show the greatness of their rule and to collect tribute.

    Effect: Chinese require payment in gold and silver.

    Cause: Ming leaders ban ships with more than two masts. There will be no further construction of ships.

    Effect: The Chinese keep close control over contact with Europeans.

    What can modern nations learn from the Ming Dynasty?

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    Hi there, and thanks for your posting. I'm sure a few ideas will help. So, in order:

    Effects resulting from the first pair might include the development of natural resources and/or internal economy strength, a ceasing of imported goods such as foodstuffs (including intoxicants), minerals, fine jewelry and increasing western technology (including weaponry), or things such as a weakened merchant class and by extension a growing agrarian class.

    Causes that might yield the effect ...

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    A few highlights of the Ming Dynasty are touched upon in brief, with valuable lessons for modern government. 300 words.