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    Strategies for Obtaining Stakeholder Support

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    Identify strategies that can be used to obtain the support of stakeholders for a research utilization proposal.

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    Getting the Support of your Potential Stakeholders for a Research Utilization Proposal

    The main reasons to gain and then disseminate (distribute) the information from the strategies you will develop and use throughout this process. As such, you must assure that appropriate strategies are used and are in place and can be explained as to why they were used in the decision-making process, for making changes, or for use in taking other specific actions designed to improve outcomes and facilitating your stakeholders' needs (RISCOM, 2001).

    For you then and important goal will and should be the goal of dissemination-which is utilization. Facilitating this utilization of the information you will collect along the way can become very complex, as many barriers will exist while you are seeking the best strategies and making sure your stakeholders have the necessary information(RUSH, 2001). Common barriers will include but are not limited to; understanding skills, attitudes, and awareness levels needed to benefit from your proposed research project outcomes. The following steps are not exhaustive therefore; your strategies can/should include but are in no means limited to:
    - You will need a solid dissemination plan - this must be SOLID-if you do not have such plans, you can ...

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