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    Defining an RFP and its use for Organizational Success

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    1. What is an RFP? What could happen if an RFP is not completed?

    2. How would you organize user training to best ensure that clinical workers are fully prepared to use a new information system effectively?

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    1. What is an RFP? What could happen if an RFP is not completed?

    RFP stands for Request for Proposal. The purpose of an RFP is to provide an entity with the information that it requires in order to secure a contract or funding. For example, company A would like to receive a product or services from company B (the vendor). Therefore company A sends a proposal request (RFP) to company B. The RFP provides a business requirement guideline for eligibility as well the types of organizations that are eligible for the funding or contract. The RFP also provides the vendor the opportunity to bid for a contract. Submitting the proposal is the proposer's way of saying that she agrees with the terms of the proposal. With that said, it is not good practice for s proposer to submit an RFP and then later one disagree with the terms set forth. For this reason, it is very important for a vendor to carefully read the terms of the RFP and be comfortable about the possibility of getting the ...

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    This solution discusses the meanning and importance of an RFP and the use of clinical training to improve organizational processes.