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bringing drugs to the market

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a. What are the benefits to bringing drugs to the market? What are the costs to bring a drug to the market?
b. How do we balance the financial return on drugs with patient need?
c. How does the immunization experience (parents choosing not to have their children immunized based on flawed data) and reduced production of drugs secondary to liability exposure pertain to this discussion?

Answer's need to be a paragraph each.

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I presume we're going to attempt to answer this from a business point of view. Ultimately, cost and revenue are considered king, but it is important to remember that ethics isn't a low priority.

a1) Benefits of bringing drugs to the market

The benefits of bringing a drug to the market are basically dependent on the supply and demand of the drug. From a financial perspective, the smaller the supply and/or the larger the demand, the greater financial benefit there is of bringing a drug to the market. Aside from the immediate financial benefits discussed, depending on the drug, sometimes commercial access to a drug allows more progress to be made in research that can lead to other usages of the drug in medical treatment. A good example of this would be Aspirin. A quick search for the many usages - both currently accepted and hypothesized - of Aspirin reveals that the drug can be used for a number of medical conditions. Many of these were not the intended usage, but were found via observation in patients who used the drug for their original, official usage. This obviously garners the potential to expand the drug's customer base from one particular patient group to various patient groups, effectively increasing the value of the drug. Outside of the financial benefits, there is the benefit of progressively more effective and efficient treatment for patients ...

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The expert determines the benefits to bringing drugs to the market. The balance for financial returns on drugs with patient needs is determined.