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Motorcycle Gangs and Narcotics

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Research motorcycle gangs in United States (e.g. the Hells Angels) and describe their criminal enterprise. How do they fund their organization? How is their leadership structured? Describe the gang and how it has changed its community. What solutions our law enforcement using to combat this gang?

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The Hells Angels' criminal enterprise is comprised of a highly organized hierarchical chain of command governed by extensive written rules. The group has a racist ideology along with its criminality and is purportedly tied to extremist groups as membership is limited to white males that own an American-made motorcycle, and "prospects" must engage in more than a year of association with the gang. In the Hells Angel's full members are the only criminals that are allowed to wear the three-piece patch with the winged death head that has become synonymous with the Hells Angels. The leadership is structured at the top with the president of the club, vice president, secretary, treasurer and Sergeant-At-Arms. The latter three positions are generally followed by the road captain, club members, prospects and hang-arounds.

The inner workings of the gang involve associates associating with the Hells Angels for a period of time, which ...

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This response discusses how motorcycle gangs organize their narcotic enterprises and suggests solutions of law enforcement.

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