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Three Challenges to the Criminal Justice System

Details: Prepare an analysis (portfolio assignment) of 3 challenges facing the criminal justice system. Be sure to cover the historical, theoretical and functional issues of each of the challenges.

Provide the following elements for this assignment:

1. An analysis of the each of the challenges
2. The impact of the challenge on the criminal justice system and the rest of society
3. The historical response to the challenge and current strategies
4. The effectiveness of the current response
5. Specific solutions & justification (rationale)

The report should include specific references, and demonstrate knowledge of the criminal justice system, guiding theories, and administrative practices.

Solution Summary

This solution is a 2,455 document written in outline form. The document identifies three challenges to the justice system: (1) gang problem; (2) drug problem in the community; and (3) domestic terrorism. The outlines analyses each of the challenges, discusses the impact on the criminal justice system and society, points out the historical responses to these challenges and what are the current strategies being implemented, whether these strategies are effective, and what the rationale is for utilizing these strategies.