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    two personality types

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    I am trying to get some help answering the following questions:

    How much good scientific support is there for the idea that there are two types of people - ambitious aggressive type As and mellow get-to-it later type Bs?
    To what extent is this model culture specific (i.e. primarily found in Western societies?) What are some of the problems with assessing personality traits and types? If a person is Type A and has cardiovascular or other health problems, it is necessarily a problem that he or she is "Type A", or is there some other factor that might play a role? If you had a client or a patient who seemed to exhibit Type A behaviors, what type of coping strategies would you try to encourage in this person.

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    There is quite a bit of scientific support, in theory, for the notion of the two personality types, As and Bs. However, the research fails to fully explain both types. There are some scientists who believe these personality types can be useful in prediction who will have a heart attack. Paul Susic (2009) describes a case of two cardiologists who must often have waiting room furniture re-upholstered, presumable due to the nervousness of type A patients. There are various forms of research conducted throughout the 20th century that would also tend to support this notion. D.F. Marks et al (2005) point to the theory of Franz Alexander in 1950, which explains the ...

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    Two personality types are studied in terms of theories and cultural impacts.