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ANOVA test for personality performance

Shrauger (1972) conducted an experiment that examined the effect of an audience on the performance of two different personality types. Hypothetical data from this experiment are as follows. The dependent variable is the number of errors made by each participant.

Alone With Audience
3 9
High 6 4
2 5
2 8
Self-Esteem 4 4
7 6

Low 7 10
7 14
2 11
6 15
8 11
6 11

Use an ANOVA with α = .05 to evaluate these data. Describe the effect of the audience and the effect of personality on performance.


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Null Hypothesis
1. There is no significant difference in the mean number of errors among the two personality types.
2. The presence of audience is not influencing the mean number of errors.
3. There is no interaction between presence of audience and personality type on number of errors.

Alternative Hypothesis are

1. There is ...

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