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Stress Facts, Value and Prevention

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1) Stress is an inevitable part of life. How does stress relate to overall health? How can you minimize the effects of stressors on the 6 dimensions of wellness? Use examples to explain. What are the implications of not addressing stress?
2) What are some indications that may prompt an individual to consult a professional for assistance with stress or emotional issues? Give two examples to explain. What recommendations would you offer to help a person with emotional resilience?
3) How to prevent, reduce and cope with stress to improve all six dimensions of health? Give one example for each dimension.

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1. Stress is a normal part of life. There have been factors provoking stress from the time humans started existing on the planet. In fact, some stress can have a positive outcome and may help a person be motivated. However, too much stress can tax the system and begin to stress the system. The body is like a wheel where it is a balance of social, emotional, physical and spiritual health. If too much time or energy is invested in one area (social or physical, for example) then there may not be enough investment in other areas and the body will react unfavorably. For example, a person that lacks the skill to defuse job or relationship tensions may drink alcohol or smoke. The former will affect the liver in the long term and later will stress other systems of the body.

2. When a person fails to have a balance of ...

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Stress affects the body and a balance of social, emotional, physical and spiritual health, reduction of health is possible.

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