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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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Come up with 10-20 ideas to bolster emotional intelligence in terms of self-regulation in stressful situations as a nurse in a leadership position.
Especially when staffing ratios are low and demands are high.

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A nurse in a leadership position would bolster emotional intelligence for self-regulation in stressful situations by being able to monitor her emotions and actions and keeping them under control in a variety of ways:

1. Take time off-Take a day off to relax and vent off some steam. Taking time off will remove the nurse form stressful situations at work. The nurse should also encourage employees to take some time off if they are overwhelmed. Even if it means an extended lunch time.
2. Change your duty temporarily-rather than sticking to the same routine, change the routine so as not to feel too much stress or burn out from the usual activity. For example, do not work in the same department at all times.
3. Delegate ...

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This solution discusses the benefits of emotional intelligence to a supervisor.

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