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Statistics in the Emergency Department

The types kinds of statistical information collected in an Emergency room. Provide examples to illustrate the information/data. The advantages of accurate interpretation of statistical information. How this information is used to improve decision making in an ER?

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Below is a list of statistical information and the actual statistic that is gathered in Emergency Departments.

? Number of visits: 119.2 million
? Number of injury-related visits: 42.4 million
? Number of visits per 100 persons: 40.5 million
? Most commonly diagnosed condition: injury & poisoning
? Percent of visits with patient seen in fewer than 15 minutes: 22%
? Median time spent in emergency departments: 2.6 hours
? Percent of visits resulting in hospital admission:13%
? Percent of visits resulting in transfer to a different hospital: 1.9%

These statistics are gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These are ...

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The solution is comprised of statistical information that is gathered in emergency departments.